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Ecommerce Websites

The Cosmic JS Headless CMS provides flexible content modeling that allows e-commerce teams to manage product inventories, seasonal sales campaigns and product-centric landing pages all from the Cosmic JS Dashboard. Developers, marketers, data analysts and product managers can all collaborate in Cosmic JS using unique user roles and permissions. Teams can revise published products, schedule new product launches and integrate with any cart or payment gateway.

Whether you're managing content for products or FAQ's, your e-commerce team has a robust toolkit for content modeling and delivery to all your websites and applications. 

"Cosmic JS allowed us to easily integrate dynamic content into our website. The product is a great value for your money. This is especially true given that their customer service is top-notch."

— Harrie Pieters, Web Developer at Bookabus

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There are many use cases that can benefit from using the Cosmic JS Headless CMS. Here are some of the most popular projects that teams are building with Cosmic JS.

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