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Acculevel is Your Foundation Expert. Serving the Midwest United States for the last 20 years, Acculevel knows what it means to serve and do a job right. Customer retention, reviews and loyalty are the name of their game, so to optimize these efforts and keep customers engaged and informed, Acculevel is scaling up their digital presence through its upcoming website, a new mobile application and more. Led by a new Chief Technology Officer overseeing developers and content editors, here's how Acculevel is ensuring their own foundation is solid.

Mired in an installed WordPress system was leaving Acculevel without the flexibility needed to nimbly build and publish content campaigns to engage with customers. Acculevel's tech team is currently building out a new zippy website built on a Node.js stack, complete with API integrations for ACH Authentication (Plaid) and Payment Gateway (Stripe). Acculevel needed a blog feed that would allow their new API-first methodology to pull data via the cloud while allowing their content editors to easily build and manage content in a WYSIWYG editor. With Cosmic, they were able to build and deploy a fully functioning blog in under 30 minutes.

"Cosmic provided us with a seamless on-boarding experience for creating a Bucket to manage blog content for our growing organization. We needed a programming-language agnostic API to manage content both within our existing WordPress website as well as within our new Node.js web application. Cosmic fit the bill perfectly with its simple Object schema and powerful Metafields. With Cosmic, content is just data and you can pull it however you'd like, wherever you like, allowing us  to build new tools in the future such as survey tools, employee forums and more.”

— Dylan Marsh, Chief Technology Officer  

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