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be© Builds a New Community, and Website


be©: An unexpected place. Close to Milan, and only a few kilometers from the Linate and Orio al Serio airport, there is a workplace that could be the efficient and cost-effective answer to all you need in a business location. be© offices are built around the philosophy of smart-working practices and strives to enhance a good work-life balance.

Offering everything from optimal commutes to great meetings rooms and spaces as well as outdoor gardens and trails, Cassina de' Pecchi needed a way to digitally tell its story to its multiple audiences, so they choose Cosmic to build their new website. Cosmic offers Cassina de' Pecchi and their agency team the freedom to build applications in any programming language while giving non-technical editors the opportunity to edit, plan and manage content.

Built on Vue.js and Cosmic, the new website offers amenities such as Services, Information, Galleries and Location information. The tech team tasked with the website build heavily relied on the Cosmic GraphQL API and bills it as their team's "go-to feature". 

"We needed a flexible tool to implement different types of content at any given time so we choose Cosmic, which also allows for collaboration on our team. The killer feature, however, is the GraphQL API: we managed to develop the website with Vue.js, just the way we like!

— Martino Roma, Lead Software Engineer  
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