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Hostmaker is a property management company that operates across 9 cities in 6 countries. Hostmaker manages properties that are being rented to vacationers and lodgers from around the world. They take the hosts' home and provide cleaning and decor services prior to listing the location on up to 15 various travel booking platforms. Hostmaker's hosts love the service for the superior volume that they continue to deliver compared to their competitors, which are driven by proprietary pricing strategies, local market expertise and global industry experience. 

Hostmaker's tech team needed a solution for their product marketing managers to update Landing Pages, Case Studies, Press Releases and FAQs for the various markets they manage, including cities such as Rome, London and Barcelona. Localizing content for Hostmaker's audiences is a mission-critical piece of the marketing strategy that is driving such tremendous growth. Hostmaker chose Cosmic to give their cross-functional team the tools they need to perform their jobs. Now Hostmaker's developers can build reusable components and scalable content models while their marketers can manage content specific to a particular locale. 

"We’ve been using Cosmic for around a year. At first there were some issues with components that prohibited us from performing all our desired tasks, but all those issues were quickly solved by the Cosmic Team. As of now, the tools are great, and have even improved during our use of the platform. It does all the things we need at the moment. As a tool Cosmic has been not only ideal for managing components on the site but adaptive enough for our non-tech users to create landing pages and modify existing content, saving us precious dev time.”

— Hostmaker Digital Team

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