Case Study: Hypometer Technologies Hypometer Technologies: Fantasy Insider and Stats Insider

Hypometer Technologies

Hypometer Technologies is revolutionizing the Australian sporting experience by making predictive analytics accessible to the masses. Their next generation sports media platforms are the form guide for every big game, and the go-to sites for trusted predictive analytics.

Historically the team managed content via WordPress, but as they scaled their content WordPress started to bottleneck them. They pivoted to working with the WordPress API, which resulted in slow load times as WordPress would call all assets and return unnecessary data in the API call. 

Recently the tech team was searching for a solution to manage dynamic content for their blogs, Fantasy Insider and Stats Insider. They wanted to remain decoupled from their application's codebase when managing content, so they started researching headless CMS systems. They chose Cosmic JS due to the simplicity of API integration and the content editing tools that would empower their marketers and writers. 

In addition, Cosmic JS allowed the Hypometer team to write scripts to migrate existing WordPress post content over to Cosmic JS for editing and publishing. 

Fantasy Insider

Built On: Python | Angular | Cosmic JS

Fantasy Insider is the market leader for daily fantasy sports information in Australia, with over half of the active market visiting the site for content or predictive tools each week.

Stats Insider

Built On: Python | Angular | Cosmic JS

Launched in early 2018, Stats Insider is Australia's first advanced sports analytics and predictive data platform for sports fans, punters and fantasy sports players.

Stats Insider will be providing information and predictions for US sports from August. Stay up to date with them on Twitter.  

"The headless CMS we chose had to tick a lot of boxes. At the end of the day, though, it needed to be easy for our external writers to use. We recorded a quick screencast video internally showing how to set up a piece of content, sent that out to our team, and I haven’t had a question from any of our writers since. We’ve just started to use Cosmic for other things like an activity status bar on Stats Insider which frees up more time for our developers and makes our workflow more flexible.”

— Katie Prowd, Co-Founder of Fantasy Insider

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