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Sloma Real Estate Group

Sloma Real Estate Group Builds a Website
Case Studies Sloma Real Estate Group

Sloma Real Estate Group

Sloma Real Estate wanted to make finding a home in Chicago a memorable experience for all the right reasons. When they decided to build a new website, they wanted something that was memorable without being gaudy, and distinguished without being pretentious. 

“With regards to speed and flexibility there is no equal to Cosmic. The amount of things that we were able to accomplish on a tight budget and timeline were nothing short of remarkable.”

— Garrett Sibinga, Front End Engineer  

Garrett Sibinga: "When we set out to build the website, we wanted a fast and modern site that could support rich content without slowing down. We wanted to be able to work with API’s, but still have the flexibility of a CMS system. After lots of research we settled on Cosmic because the interface and concepts were familiar from WordPress, but the prospect of working with Node.js instead of PHP was a huge relief."

"Once we started working with the Cosmic platform, we quickly began to see many of the advantages. Whether is was the API string that auto-populates for each page, adding metafields and structuring data on the fly, or the Imgix integration for serving the perfectly sized image every time, we were thrilled by the features we continued to discover. In addition to having great features, we were blown away by the speed and consistency that the platform offered."

"For everything that was awesome about the project, there were definitely some technical challenges. Because the site uses MLS data, iFrames were a necessary evil. In order to include them dynamically in our layouts, we had to communicate with them. We ended writing scripts that work between our MLS provider’s domain and our main domain which resize our frame window based on the content within it. Overall the project turned out great, and we couldn’t have been more excited when we launched "

Case Study Contributed by Garrett Sibinga, Cosmic Community Member 

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