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Vendor Surf

Vendor Surf Builds a Search Engine for Mortgage Vendors
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Vendor Surf

Vendor Surf exists out of the problem of not having a technology-driven online vendor marketplace for mortgage industry vendors to get discovered.  All that had existed previously were static and unintelligent directories, the equivalent of Yellow Pages.  Vendor Surf is an incredibly robust search engine using more than 3,000 unique search filters for sourcing.

Vendor Surf's mission is to revolutionize the sourcing of vendor partners, and they are currently doing so through their content-rich digital marketplace where vendors can list themselves and clients can search for vendors based on common industry parameters. 

Vendor Surf needed a content management platform that enables its marketers and editors to manage dynamic content while giving their developers the keys to build their Angular application using the best tools for the job, unrestricted by programming language or framework. Vendor Surf and its agency chose Cosmic.

“It was absolutely imperative to embed a flexible and dependable content management system into our solution. We are adding and updating content all day, every day, and have to be able to respond to our client and marketplace needs in an instant.  We are power-users of Cosmic, highly dependent upon it for a substantial portion of our content.”

— Scott Roller, Vendor Surf Co-Founder  

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