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Cosmic vs. Cosmic

The purpose of this Headless CMS comparison page is to outline the differences between the Cosmic headless CMS and other available content management solutions. By comparing technology, maintenance, security, features, and cost analysis, it is our goal to show you the benefits and tradeoffs to help you decide if the Cosmic Headless CMS is the right solution for your team.

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CMS maintenance
Global caching
Media CDN
Image processing
Number of projects
Annual costs
Free to start
Free to start

Uptime you can depend on

Reliable infrastructure

No need to fear downtime for your content. Our service is built to auto scale through bursts of high traffic so you can focus on your content and business, we'll handle the infrastructure.

Upgrade your uptime

Get a 99.95% uptime guarantee with our Enterprise plans.

Trust our history

Check out our status page for historical uptime on our serverless, cloud infrastructure.

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