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Dave Portillo

So many companies are “winging it” when it comes to social activity. The expression “social media ROI” has many names – for example, “return on investment” and “return on influence”, to name but a few – but do you really know what you are trying to achieve by having an effective social media strategy? Where do you start and how do you relate what to measure online with your overall business goals? We will discuss 10 reasons that businesses, small and large, are active online. Read through each goal and then choose just two of those goals before you indulge in the rest of this book. Once you decide where you are going, you will have a better vision of how you are going to get there. Most people will answer the question “Why are you doing social media?” with “To get more sales”. Many of the reasons below will result in more sales. Therefore, this has been removed as a reason to be active online.
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