Jacob Knaack

I write code, write about code, teach people how to write code, and play video games sometimes.
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  Seattle, WA
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Gatsby Docs

Creating and displaying minimalistic documentation

Apollo Blog

Simple and Clean Blog system using the power of Apollo graphql client and Cosmic JS.

Gatsby Agency Portfolio

Create a Portfolio for your organization with the Gatsby Agency Portfolio.

Cosmic Messenger

Create a chat room for all users. Receive SMS notifications when messages are sent from application users.
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Building a Full Stack SMS-enabled Chat Application using Twilio, Node.js, GraphQL and Cosmic JS

Build a fully functioning messenger that can send SMS messages to application users. We will discuss Server side rendering of a React front, and leveraging a simple api in order to make protected requests to Cosmic JS cloud services.

Building and Designing a Portfolio Site Using Gatsby JS and Cosmic JS

Build a static web page for your company or personal portfolio using the Gatsby static site generator and the Cosmic JS Content Management Platform.

Building a Progressive Blog App with Apollo and Cosmic JS

Publish Blog Articles to a clean and simple UI with Apollo Blog, powered by Apollo Graphql client and Cosmic JS.

How to Build a Documentation App With Gatsby and Cosmic JS

Build a documentation app in a afternoon leveraging the powered of Gatsby and Cosmic JS.

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