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Luca G. Soave


Email Capture

A simple landing page for lead email capture to MailChimp. Install, deploy and begin capturing email addresses in minutes.

Static Website

This powerful website gives you both the flexibility to manage content from the Cosmic API and the speed of static HTML. Plus you can use Markdown files and automate the build process using Webhooks.

Restaurant Menu App

A restaurant menu app built using Nuxt, Vue, Vuex that is powered by Cosmic. It connects to the Cosmic API to add / edit / delete menu, menu items and their attached media.

Vue.js Photo Gallery

A beautiful Vue.js photo gallery with a frontend by powered by the Cosmic API.

Recipe App

A recipe app built using Vue, Vuex and powered by Cosmic. It connects to the Cosmic API to add / edit / delete recipes and attached media.

Inventory App

A simple inventory management application powered by the Cosmic API built with Laravel and Vue.js.

Vue Portfolio

This app is built using Vue and connects to the Cosmic API. You can manage your content from your Cosmic Dashboard.

Nuxt.js Website

Vue universal website built using the Nuxt.js framework. Code is shared between the client and server making development a breeze. Add Cosmic-powered content and you're taking your website to the Nuxt.js level.

Content Curation Website

A simple content curation website built with Vue, Bulma and Cosmic
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