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Portfolio Website

Powered by the Cosmic JS GraphQL API it includes portfolio management, contact form (powered by MailGun) and a beautiful frontend by

Inventory App

A simple inventory management application powered by the Cosmic JS API built with Laravel and Vue.js.

Product Catalog App

A simple product catalog mobile app built with Angular JS, Ionic and Cosmic JS. Add / edit products and sort by category.

Vue.js Photo Gallery

A beautiful Vue.js photo gallery with a frontend by powered by the Cosmic JS API.

Portfolio Platform

A platform that enables management of multiple portfolio websites. Users can login and manage their portfolio website. The admin can manage multiple users from the Cosmic JS Dashboard.

Agency Website

Agency app built on the Cosmic JS platform. The responsive design has an elegant and modern style and can be used for a digital agency, freelancer, startup, business, services etc.

Vue Portfolio

This app is built using Vue and connects to the Cosmic JS API. You can manage your content from your Cosmic JS Dashboard.

Content Curation Website

A simple content curation website built with Vue, Bulma and Cosmic JS

Next.js Website

React universal website built using the Next.js framework. Code is shared between the client and server making development a breeze. Add Cosmic JS-powered content and you're taking your website to the Next.js level.

Cosmic React Blog

A clean, minimalist, content-first Blog powered by Cosmic JS.
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