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Emerging Tech

Teams using the Cosmic JS Headless CMS are able to model and create content for delivery to all of their websites and apps, including emerging tech like VR and AR, wearables, and more. Manage video, rich text and notifications from the comfort of your Cosmic JS Bucket Dashboard for a variety of devices. Content is available for reuse once published in the Cosmic JS Headless CMS, saving teams time and money.

Features like Webhooks, Scheduled Publishing and the Cosmic JS suite of APIs make integrating with any internet-connected application easy and seamless.

"Cosmic JS allowed us to easily spin up content models that would allow our non-technical editors to manage the most sophisticated medical VR content out there. Our developers were equipped with robust Docs and Example Apps to get them started and were able to use the bleeding-edge frameworks necessary to run Virtual Reality."

— Joe Marritt, Lead Web Developer at Medical Realities

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There are many use cases that can benefit from using the Cosmic JS Headless CMS. Here are some of the most popular projects that teams are building with Cosmic JS.

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