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Stanley Clarke


Next Merge

A statically generated blog using Next.js, powered by the Cosmic headless CMS.

imgix Editor

Cosmic Extension that integrates the power of imgix Platform with your Bucket.

Medical Professional


Cosmic Messenger

Create a chat room for all users. Receive SMS notifications when messages are sent from application users.

Upload Media to Your Cosmic Bucket Using Multer

Upload media to your Cosmic Bucket using Multer.

Vue Ecommerce App

A simple e-commerce app built with Nuxt, Stripe and Cosmic.

Algolia Search

Sync your Cosmic Js Objects with Algoia

Simple Vue Blog

This simple blog app is built using Vue & Vuex. It connects to the Cosmic CMS via API. You can manage your content from your Cosmic Dashboard.

Gatsby Preview

Adds a widget to your Cosmic edit Object page connected to Gatsby Preview allowing content creators to preview draft content seamlessly

React Blog

Build a React application and let Cosmic provide your content with the Cosmic Node NPM package. Content creators will enjoy the robust Cosmic content editor.
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