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Why Go API-first?

Whether you are a small creative shop or major corporation, you need dynamic content, where you want it, fast.

Avoid Technical Debt

Installed content management systems create ongoing technical debt which becomes tomorrow's problem. Stop reinventing the wheel with every project and avoid the installation, configuration, maintenence time-suck.


Now's the Time

By going API-first now, you will see the immediate benefit of saved project hours, timelines and costs. Don't let another project become an installed headache that takes away resources from future projects.

Finish Projects Faster

Complete projects in a fraction of the time it takes with an installed content management system. Eliminate bottle necks and ship faster.

Collaborate Easier

Teams working in different skillsets and technologies easily collaborate around a language-agnostic API with an intuitive content editing experience.

Enable the Future

Build and deliver content to your website, iOS and Android apps. Your content is also ready for your future watch, car or virtual reality app.

What Does it Feel Like?

In one word: magic. The Cosmic Stack not only shortens your time to market, but totally transforms your development process. You will be able to deploy new apps on-the-fly, duplicate projects in a few clicks and spin up applications easily like never before.

Who's Going API-first?

Cosmic doesn’t just fit into our dev process, but our overall philosophy. It’s simple to deploy, completely customizable, secure and blazing fast. Cosmic is equally beneficial for our agency and our clients.
   — Nick Bonanno, Principal, Simple Media

Cosmic removes many headaches by just working, right out the box. Plus, it is blazingly fast!

Application Developer, Digital Agency, London, UK

A more intuitive API than any other API-based CMS out there.

Software Engineer, Creative and Interactive Agency, Sydney, AUS

You can build a pretty complex CMS and API in about 10 minutes with Cosmic.

Director of Digital & Emerging Media, The Smithsonian Design Museum, New York, NY

Cosmic made adding and editing my blog posts stress free, allowing me to focus on the content and design of the site itself.

Developer, Corporate Tech Leader, Palo Alto, California

Cosmic makes me continuously say, where have you been all my life!

Software Engineer, Interactive Agency, Pennsylvania, USA

Cosmic totally rocks!

iOS developer, Interactive Agency, New York, NY