Our Mission

Empower teams with innovative content management solutions.

Our Product

Our product is a hosted headless CMS solution that helps teams build content-powered applications faster, easier, and with a higher level of collaboration than traditional systems. We're rapidly evolving, rolling out new features constantly to be the leader in headless content management technology. Read more about our features.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to make the application development process faster, easier, and more scalable for teams of all sizes. We believe that the current industry-standard tools are coming up short of what modern digital businesses require today and in the coming decade. Content still rules the digital landscape and companies that focus on improving content velocity (how fast you can build and deploy) will gain the advantage. It's our goal to empower these future-minded companies.
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Derive Systems

Who We Are

Cosmic's team is global - a remote company of backend, frontend, full stack developers, tech-minded marketers, content experts, and a stellar support team, devoted to helping your team create better products.

Cosmic's Leadership

Tony Spiro
CEO, Cofounder
Tony began Cosmic to solve his own problems with existing website content management tools. He is dedicated to customer success and to helping teams modernize their content capabilities.
Jazib Sawar
Senior Software Engineer
Jazib is dedicated to maintaining and improving the Cosmic technology stack. As a full stack engineer, he provides the direction and innovative solutions to modern content management problems.
Karl Koch
Design Lead
Karl leads the Cosmic design team. He is commited to providing Cosmic customers with an industry-leading content management experience that enables them to get their work done easily and delightfully.

Our Commitment

Teams rely on our infrastructure for mission-critical content delivery, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are committed to customer success by providing a secure, dependable, and performant content management solution for our customers. Our technology and customer support is unmatched, and building trust in our service is our core value. See our status page for updates on infrastructure uptime.

In the News


Cosmic was featured in TechCrunch as one of the companies participating in the YCombinator Winter 2019 batch. The article includes the story of Cosmic and quotes from the founders. Read more  

YC W19

Cosmic participated in the YCombinator Winter 2019 batch among some great companies. YC is one of the hardest startup accelerators in the world to get into (<2% acceptance rate). Read more  

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