About Us

We are dedicated to helping teams build amazing products together.

Who We Are

Cosmic is a hosted and enterprise headless CMS solution that helps teams build content-powered applications faster, easier, together. Developers get powerful API tools and content creators get an easy-to-use dashboard to create rich content experiences.

Our Goals
Our goal is to make the application development process faster, easier, and more scalable for teams of all sizes. In a time when content remains king in the digital landscape, content velocity with a headless CMS is a powerful tool for any business, and it's our goal to empower these future-minded companies.

Our Commitment
Teams rely on our infrastructure for mission-critical content delivery, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are committed to customer success by providing a secure, dependable, and performant content management solution for our customers. Our technology and customer support is unmatched in the industry and building trust in our service is our top priority.

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In the news


Cosmic was featured in TechCrunch as one of the companies participating in the YCombinator Winter 2019 batch. The article includes the story of Cosmic and quotes from the founders. Read more  

YC W19

Cosmic participated in the YCombinator Winter 2019 batch among some great companies. YC is one of the hardest startup accelerators in the world to get into (<2% acceptance rate). Read more  

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