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Empower teams with innovative content management solutions.

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Empower teams

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Our mission

65kactive team members
51kprojects shipping faster
100+countries around the globe
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Who we are

Chief Executive Officer author

Tony Spiro

Chief Executive Officer

Tony started Cosmic to solve his own problems with content management he encountered as a full stack engineer. He is dedicated to helping customers transform their content capabilities and team collaboration.

Senior Software Engineer author

Jazib Sawar

Senior Software Engineer

Jazib is in charge of pushing the Cosmic service and technology infrastructure forward. Focused on security, scalability, dependability, and innovative ways to solve content management problems for customers.

Design Lead author

Karl Koch

Design Lead

Karl leads the Cosmic design efforts. He is committed to providing Cosmic customers with an industry-leading content management experience that enables them to get their work done easily and delightfully.

Senior Software Engineer author

Rajat Kaushik

Senior Software Engineer

Rajat leads the frontend development for Cosmic. Focused on user experience, performance, and the details suited for teams that settle for nothing less than the best for their developers and content creators.

Developer Experience Lead author

Stefan Kudla

Developer Experience Lead

Stefan leads the Cosmic developer experience and education efforts. He is committed to helping developers learn about Cosmic to build great products. He is focused on providing teams with resources to enable them to have the best possible experience when using Cosmic.

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