Headless CMS

Empower your team to build content-powered apps faster together

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is composed of two things:

  1. A web dashboard to create content and
  2. An API to deliver content to any website or app

Unlike a traditional installed CMS, a headless CMS does not come with a coupled UI layer, giving you more freedom with how and where you deliver your content.

A cloud-hosted headless CMS frees you up even further by eliminating CMS infrastructure maintenance. This gives you more time to create great content and user experiences, allowing you to ship to market faster.

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  title: "A Wonderful Blog Post About Earth",
  slug: "a-wonderful-blog-post-about-earth",
  content: "This is a great day for our team...",
  metadata: {
    hero: "https://cdn.cosmicjs.com/my-image.jpg",
    publish_date: "Apr 18",
    author: {
      full_name: "John Doe",
      link: "https://our-website.com/authors/john",
      avatar: "https://cdn.cosmicjs.com/johnny.jpg"

Cosmic Headless CMS features

The Cosmic Headless CMS comes with all of the features your team needs to build content-powered apps faster together.

How Cosmic Works

Cosmic makes it easy for your team to build content-powered products faster together.
Create Content

Create content using our intuitve web dashboard. Unlimited projects with a single login.

Integrate Content

Integrate content into any website or app using powerful API tools and resources.

Ship Faster

Ship projects faster by avoiding CMS maintenence. Focus on your app, not CMS infrastructure.

For developers, by developers

Use the existing tools you love. Leave behind outdated technology stacks.

Install in seconds

Get up and running with the REST, GraphQL APIs, and available clients.

Bring your own front end

You bring your favorite front end code, we've got the CMS infrastructure covered.


Build your own custom dashboard views and connect to best-in-class API services.

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Angular CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS
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Next.js CMS  | Cosmic Headless CMS
GraphQL CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS
Gridsome CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS
Ecommerce CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS
Jamstack CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS
Express CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS
Enterprise CMS | Cosmic Headless CMS

Recommended by leading developers

Join thousands of developers building modern apps faster with Cosmic

"Really like Cosmic. Build your content in a CMS and get a REST or GraphQL API immediately! Slick tool to make dev quicker! Even has Gatsby Preview so you can check out changes before publishing."
Chris Sevilleja, Scotch.io
"The headless CMS we chose had to tick a lot of boxes. At the end of the day, though, it needed to be easy for our external writers to use. We recorded a quick screencast video internally showing how to set up a piece of content, sent that out to our team, and I haven’t had a question from any of our writers since."
Katie Prowd, Co-Founder of Hypometer Technologies
"Cosmic JS allowed us to easily integrate a secure and fast back-end API into our React app. Cosmic fit our needs with its simple web-based dashboard so that members of our marketing team can create, edit, and delete new content on the fly. Our team has been enjoying the ease of use with the new system."
Owen Liversidge, Lead Developer, Tripwire Interactive
"We use Cosmic JS buckets for each of our mobile game landing pages. While our API and storage usage is low, the number of buckets we need is high, which makes the new Clusters Feature a perfect solution for our company use cases. It allows us to have a single consolidated invoice, with an overall API and data-limit, but up to 35 buckets for our use."
Jessica Chappell, Big Fish Games
"Leveraging the Cosmic JS GraphQL API allows for easy updates to our news and blog, while keeping payloads small and fast. Integration with Cosmic JS could not be easier thanks to their great support. We look forward to developing more features on the platform."
Dustin Brink, Derive Systems

Why choose the Cosmic Headless CMS?

No CMS Maintenance
We maintain everything for you so you can focus on what matters most: building great products and user experiences.
Your content is now infinitely scalable. Powered by best-in-class Serverless technology, your content can scale to billions of users.
You no longer have to worry about CMS security. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit with our 256-bit SSL encryption.
Cost Savings
Save time and money on developer resource spending. Along with our best-in-class product, you also get our best-in-class support team.

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