Cosmic JS Headless CMS Features

Intuitive Content Modeling

Cosmic JS uses a simple, yet powerful, approach to content modeling.
Buckets are highly flexible ways to store data and files for any project. A Bucket can power content for an entire website, a part of a website, native apps, IOT apps, and more.
All Bucket data can be imported / exported at anytime to create syncing between environments (development, staging, production). You can have as many Buckets as you want.
Objects are your building blocks for your Bucket. They are grouped into Object Types such as Pages, Blog Posts, Authors, etc.
The Object dashboard experience maps intuitively to the Object API JSON response.
Metafields give you the ability to extend Object content models. Extend data with select options, media, markdown, nested data, repeating fields, and connect Objects to create reusable components with ease.
Metafield options include:
✅ Plain text
✅ Select options
✅ HTML and rich text
✅ Markdown
✅ Object connections and relationships
✅ Repeating groups of content
✅ Nested fields
✅ JSON data
✅ and more!

Delightful Dashboard

The Cosmic JS Dashboard gives the content creator an unmatched, delightful experience to create content. The content publishing experience has been described as "it doesn't get much easier".

Flexible user roles and permissions are available so team members see only what they need to get their job done.

Powerful APIs

Cosmic JS provides both a REST and GraphQL API to provide Cosmic JS-powered data and files to any website or application. Open-source solutions are available to help you get up and running faster. Get started by reading the documentation.

Use the Tools You Love

You can add the power of Cosmic JS to any new or existing codebase, regardless of programming language. See more app integration tips in our knowledge base.

Data Import / Export

You own your data. Importing and exporting your data is made easy, simply download your Bucket file (in JSON format) and import it into a new Bucket. This makes syncing data between Buckets fast and easy. Copying and pasting Object Schemas (located in advanced settings on the Edit Object page) is also built in for easy duplication across Object Types or Buckets.


Reach your global audience by publishing multiple versions of your content in different languages. Select from over 400 different locales to serve your content to the world. Retrieving localized content from your Bucket is as easy as adding a locale parameter to your API request.


Use Cosmic JS Webhooks to automate workflows and communicate with third-party apps. Webhooks automatically send data to the URL of your choice whenever content is edited in your Cosmic JS Bucket. This can be used to set up notification workflows in Slack, automatically redeploy static websites to Netlify, as well as a variety of other automation use cases.

Imgix Image Processing

Every Cosmic JS plan comes with the power of Imgix image processing. Imgix makes image processing easy by allowing you to resize, crop, rotate, style, watermark images and more easily on-the-fly. This is especially useful when your app needs to keep image sizes dynamic for optimal rendering speed across devices on desktop, mobile and native apps. Check out the Imgix website to learn more.


Extend your content editing experience with Extensions. Use them to create custom views in your dashboard and interact with your favorite third-party APIs and services. Check out available Extensions built by the Cosmic JS team and Community. You can also build your own to customize your dashboard experience.


With Cosmic Functions, you can deploy server-side code without having to manage server infrastructure. Simply connect your AWS account and deploy code from the comfort of your Cosmic JS Bucket. Read the Cosmic Functions documentation for more info.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On is a convenient way for large organizations to eliminate large team onboarding hassles and allow for greater control over user access. Cosmic JS supports Single Sign-On using popular services such as OneLogin, Okta as well as any other Identity Provider that uses the SAML 2.0 protocol.

Powerful Rich Text and Media

Adding rich text and media is made simple with the Cosmic JS HTML content editor. Format text, link to videos from YouTube or Vimeo, upload files and images, embed code from 3rd party services like GitHub, Typeform and more.

Easy Media Management

Along with data and content, Cosmic JS is your powerful media management solution. Files uploaded to your Cosmic JS media area are made available to your Objects via the HTML content editor and File Metafield. Organize media into folders and add metadata for additional organization.

Scheduled Publishing

Scheduled publishing is made easy by setting the date and time when you want your draft content set to publish at a later date and time.

Content Preview

Cosmic JS makes it easy to save draft content and preview your changes prior to publishing.

Use the Object Type preview feature (located in Object Type Settings) to easily view draft content in your application prior to publishing.

Search Content

Searching for content shouldn't be hard. You can be sure to find what you're looking for with the search and filter capabilities that comes with every Bucket.

You can then save your filtered content into "Smart Views" that will be added to the sidebar of your Bucket dashboard for easy access. Save for just yourself, or for your whole team.

The same powerful search capabilities are available in the API endpoint. See the changelog announcement for more information.

Roles and Permissions

Cosmic JS allows you to add your team members for seamless collaboration. Easily set their role as an Admin, Developer, Editor or Collaborator allowing each team member to only see what they need to get their job done.

Additional levels of permissions are available to allow management of Bucket Settings and Users for more flexible role delegation.

Revision History

Mistakes happen. With revision history, you no longer have to worry about editing mistakes. Go back in time and revert your content to a prior version with ease.

Automatic Backups

Your team can work with peace-of-mind knowing that your entire Bucket is backed up every single day. Save a manual snapshot backup intsantly in one click at any time. Download the full backup, import it into another Bucket, or restore the Bucket to the snapshot in one click.

Team Workflows

Team user roles are provided to align with your workflow and user access control needs. Restrict content access and automate workflows with webhooks to communicate with your team when content has been changed and ready for editor review.

Easy Integrations