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Cosmic helps teams build content-powered apps faster. Powering weekend projects to global companies.

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What can you build with Cosmic?

Teams use Cosmic to build and deliver seamless content experiences across various digital platforms.

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Developer-first content management

Avoid the pain of building, configuring, and maintaining your own CMS infrastructure. Cosmic has all of the features you need out-of-the-box optimized and ready.

Install in one command
~ bash
npm i @cosmicjs/sdk
Install Cosmic in just one command. Once installed, your content is waiting to be delivered.
Connect to your Bucket
Log in to your Cosmic account and go to Bucket > Settings > API Access to get your Bucket slug and API access keys.
Get your content
Use the find method to fetch your content into your application. From simple to complex queries; search, filter, sort, and display content to meet your various needs.
frameworks and tools

Pairs perfectly with your favorite
frameworks and tools

Get started with one of our marketplace templates

Clone a template to learn how to model content in Cosmic and get building now.

Agency Website

Agency Website preview
A custom template built using Cosmic's data infused components, Blocks.

Simple Next.js Blog

Simple Next.js Blog preview
A statically generated blog built using Next.js and Cosmic.
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Crafted for content professionals

Remove the complexity of managing content across platforms. Cosmic enables teams to work together to build and deliver content at scale.

Intuitive dashboard tab

Cosmic offers an intuitive dashboard to create compelling content. Write content, upload media, and enjoy an experience tailored to your efficient, creative workflow.


Empowering the whole team

Cosmic is built to support teams from startup to public companies. With a simple but powerful permission system, a built in time machine, an intuitive collaboration workflow, and low maintenance management.

Build and collaborate together

With granular roles and permissions, your team can work together effectively.

Empower your team members

Take advantage of revision history and automatic backups to empower your teams to craft the best solutions as one.

Reduce the maintenance burden

Business owners save time, money and overhead by rolling their content mangement solution into one with Cosmic.

Billions of customers served with the fastest CDN on the planet

By choosing Cosmic, you get access to our powerful global CDN. This allows you to scale instantly from 0 to billions of visitors fast, from anywhere in the world.

65kactive team members
51kprojects shipping faster
100+countries around the globe

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