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Parque Explora is an interactive museum and science center located in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Its main objective is to promote the learning and dissemination of science and technology through interactive and didactic experiences for people of all ages.

Among the activities that can be performed at Parque Explora are interactive exhibits, live experiments, observation of live species such as insects, reptiles and birds, workshops and educational activities, film screenings in its 3D movie theater and a variety of exhibitions and activities related to science, technology, environment and culture.

Pain points with traditional CMS

The prior version of their website used WordPress as the CMS. When it came time to renovate their website, they realized that WordPress did not meet their needs, as it didn't enable them the customizations and flexibility required for their new modern website built using React and Next.js.

New CMS requirements

They had a few requirements in deciding their new CMS.

1. Flexibility: The new CMS had to be flexible enough to allow for customization of design and functions, and adapt to the specific needs of the project.

2. Scalability: It was important to ensure that the CMS had the ability to scale and handle large volumes of content and traffic.

3. Usability: The CMS had to be easy to use and intuitive for users, including editors and content managers. It needed to also allow for efficient and agile content management.

How they are using Cosmic

They decided to choose Cosmic for their new CMS as it met all of their requirements in providing their team the powerful tools for their developers and intuitive content creation experience for their content team.

Cosmic now powers the content for their two websites Parque Explora and Plantario Medellin. The team has enjoyed the simplicity with which they could create different sections of the website pages, composing the structure of the data, creating relationships between the content, and delivering their content reliably to the visitors of their museum websites.

Juan Salamanca, Full stack engineer

Cosmic has improved our team collaboration in several ways. First, by being a headless CMS, it allows our team to work more efficiently and collaboratively by separating content management from presentation on the website or application. This means that developers can work on the presentation and design of the site without interfering with the work of the content writers or editors, who can continue to work on the content without having to worry about formatting or design.

— Juan Salamanca, Full stack engineer

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