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Pricing $0/mo $99/mo $299/mo Custom Plan
Number of Buckets   per Bucket per Bucket per Bucket Multiple Buckets
API Requests per month   10,000 25,000 150,000 Custom
Media Storage 1GB 3GB 5GB Custom
File Count 1,000 10,000 50,000 Custom
Team Members 1 5 10 Custom
Unlimited Extensions  
Unlimited Functions  
Infrastructure Cloud Cloud Cloud Cloud and Dedicated
Support Available   Email / Chat Email / Chat Email / Chat 24/7 Dedicated Support
Single Sign-On Available  
SLA Available   99.95% / Custom
Company-branded Workspace  
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Uptime you can depend on

Don't fear downtime on cloud or Enterprise plans. Enterprise plans start at a 99.95% uptime guarantee. Check our status page for historical uptime on our serverless, cloud infrastructure.

Bucket Add-ons

Cosmic offers powerful Add-ons for your Buckets.

  • Webhooks
$ 29 / mo

per Bucket

Pay yearly for 10% off
  • Localization
$ 49 / mo

per Bucket

Pay yearly for 10% off
  • Automatic Backups
$ 49 / mo

per Bucket

Pay yearly for 10% off
  • Revision History
$ 49 / mo

per Bucket

Pay yearly for 10% off
  • Additional Users
$ 29 / mo

per User per Bucket

Pay yearly for 10% off
  • Additional API Requests
$ 54.90 / mo

per 100k requests per Bucket

Pay yearly for 10% off

Support Add-ons

Dedicated support is available for teams that need
additional guaranteed assistance.

Price $0/mo $999/mo $2999/mo
Community support
Guaranteed response time Business days
Business critical: 1 hour or less
General issue: 3 hours
Business critical: 1 hour or less
General issue: 3 hours
Email/chat support
Phone support
Technical support team
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A Bucket is used to store and manage content and media assets for your project. It has siloed user access permissions, is very flexible, and can power the content for your entire website, a portion of your website, mobile app, or anything that requires dynamic, easy-to-manage content. You can have unlimited Buckets on your account and up to 5 Free Buckets on your account at a time.

Because we make it easy to perform environment workflows and migrations between your Buckets, a Bucket can also be considered an environment. For example you may need three Buckets for Development, Staging, and Production environments for your project.
Yes, we have localization that includes major languages and language locales (like en, en-US, en-GB, etc.) you can try out our Localization Add-on with any Free Bucket.
An API request is any initial interaction with your Bucket via the Cosmic REST or GraphQL API. Because we use a global CDN to serve content fast, requests to the cache-served content from the Cosmic API will not count towards your API request limits. API requests are counted only on initial requests to any resource after you clear your cache either manually in Bucket > Settings or by adding, editing, or deleting content in your Bucket. Accessing media directly does not count as an API request.
Every Bucket starts at the Starter plan with Add-ons included: Webhooks, Revision History, and Localization. You can downgrade to the Free Personal Bucket plan at any time. Add a "Powered by Cosmic" badge if using on a public-facing project. You can have up to 5 Free Buckets at a time.
We offer an on-premise option for Cosmic Enterprise customers. This allows you to host the Cosmic dashboard and API in your own data center, in the private cloud on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. Reach out to sales for more information.
Absolutely! Cosmic makes it easy to add dynamic content to any website or internet-connected application. This applies to exiting and new projects built in any programming language. If you can access an external API you can add Cosmic-powered content.
We'll get in touch before you reach your limits and, with your consent, help move you to a higher plan. You will never get a surprise charge for usage overages.
Yes! We guarantee uptime of 99.95% on our Enterprise plan. You can read more on our Service Level Agreement page.

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