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Account Billing Updates

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June 02, 2021

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We've made some dashboard updates that should make managing account information, billing, and payment methods on your Cosmic account much easier. To get started, go to Account Settings > Billing Details to set up your payment methods and manage your global billing for your Cosmic products and services.

New Payment Methods Manager
You can now add and manage payment methods directly on your user account from your account settings area. Before, billing for Buckets was handled on the Bucket settings page. Now, with payment methods managed by your user account, you can manage billing for multiple Buckets and add-ons without re-entering payment information. Plus, you can now use Google Pay!

Go to Account Settings > Billing Details to set up your payment methods.

Add Billing Details
Along with this new way of managing your billing and payment methods, you can now update the name, email, and additional information that will be available on your invoices. Payment history will also be available on your account Billing Details page. (For the old Bucket billing, you will still see payment history on the Bucket billing page)

Group Plans for Bulk Rate
Group plans (formally called Billing Packages) are available for grouping Bucket usage plans onto a single cost-savings bulk-rate plan. Choose between 5 and 10 Buckets, plus a 10% discount for yearly plans.

Transfer Billing
Transfering billing between members of your team is now easier than ever. To have another team member take over billing, simply have them click "Transfer Billing" and the billing will switch to their account. (Team members must have admin access on the Bucket to transfer billing). See screenshot below.

We hope you enjoy these updates to make it easier to manage your account and billing details. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at