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Developer Spotlight: Diego Perez

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Carson Gibbons

December 24, 2018

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In this installment of the Cosmic Developer Spotlight Series, we sat down with Diego Perez, a Demandware / Software Developer residing in Spain who recently submitted the new Angular Company Website in the Cosmic Community. Follow Diego on Twitter, LinkedIn or GitHub, and enjoy the Q/A.

How long have you been building software and how did you get started?
I've been into the software business since 2006. I never graduated from the university, but I met some great people there and started working with them for a very small startup, building software and websites for SMEs using .NET Framework.

What is your preferred development stack?
I think every stack has a different purpose, but if I have to choose one, I would go for MEAN. The Angular team is doing a great job and Express/Node is the straightforward solution for someone like me, I barely code in anything different than JavaScript nowadays.

What past projects are you most proud of and why?
My friends from university and I used to allocate some time in that startup to investigate and test things we couldn't use in official projects. I am proud to say that, before facebook or twitter, we developed some sort of social network where people could share pictures, music or thoughts... We never got traction to get anywhere, but it was a really intense and rewarding exercise.

Talk a little bit more about your process for building apps. What are your biggest challenges and opportunities?
I always start planning, finding use cases, etc. But I can't help it, I always start coding way too soon, so I end up doing several iterations trying to find a balance between a more practical or modular code. Best designed apps are easy to read and maintain, and that's my goal.

What are some technologies you are excited about that you are using today, or want to learn more about?
I want to get into desktop apps, so Ionic and Electron are in my radar at the moment. I would also like to play a little bit around with Tensorflow.js; I used Tensorflow before but never on the web, and I'd like to give it a try.

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