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Developer Spotlight: Sumit Kharche

In this installment of the Cosmic JS Developer Spotlight Series, we sat down with Sumit Kharche, a Full Stack Software Developer residing in Pune, India. Sumit is an active member of the Cosmic JS Community, having recently built the new React Static Blog, which is available in the Cosmic JS Apps Marketplace. With more community projects on the way, we're excited to interview one of our own for this Spotlight. 😎 Follow Sumit on Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub, and enjoy the conversation.

Cosmic JS: When did you first begin building software?
Sumit: I started building software when I was pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science back in 2011.

What is your preferred development stack?
I have really enjoyed building projects using the Microsoft .Net technologies stack. I’m currently working on a team that uses React, Redux, and Material-UI on the front end and .Net core as backend. Recently though, I've found myself really enjoying working in a JAMStack. On the client side, I build static markup with React using React-Static, Gatsby and then provide APIs with Cosmic JS.

What past projects are you most proud of and why?
I built a JAMStack website by myself in couple of days. I chose React-Static, which is completely new for me, as was Cosmic JS. It was very challenging but I learned so many incredible skills as a result. Take a look at the demo.

You've submitted apps built in React Static, Svelte and more. How are you finding these new frameworks and technologies?
I love exploring new development stacks and expanding my knowledge. I always love to read about the new frameworks and technologies., Medium, Twitter, etc will always help me in finding the new technologies and also keep me updated. Now, because of the way Cosmic JS simplifies my work, I love to integrate it with different frameworks.

What are some technologies you are excited to learn more about?
That’s a big list. There is so much cool stuff out there I’ve been wanting to get into. Currently, I am excited to explore more about Cosmic JS. Also, I have been eager to get some time to spin up on .Net Core. I am excited about serverless stacks.

The Cosmic JS Spotlight Series is dedicated to showcasing developers that are building apps using modern tools. Learn how to contribute here. To stay connected with us follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on Slack.

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