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Get More With the Updated Free Plan

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Tony Spiro

February 21, 2017

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Cosmic is on a mission to make your job as a development team faster and easier.  With that in mind we're excited to give you more with the Free Bucket Plan.  The additional features will help you scale your projects and give you more right out of the box.  Now when you signup for Cosmic at the Free Plan level:

1. You have full access to Business Plan features including Webhooks and Localization.
2. Before you were limited to 2 users to each Free Bucket, now you can have as many as 3 users.
3. You used to be limited to one Free Bucket at a time, now you can have as many as 5 Free Buckets at a time.
4. You have 14 days to upgrade your Free Bucket to any paid plan.

We are happy to make it easier for you to get started building apps faster using Cosmic.  If you have any questions about our new pricing please join our Slack community and reach out to us on Twitter.