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Global infrastructure updates

Cosmic Blog
Cosmic Blog Global infrastructure updates
by Tony Spiro on November 8, 2022

We are pleased to share that we have expanded our global infrastructure to include coverage of more regions around the globe to ensure greater service reliability and performance. Regions now include:

  1. US West (us-west-2)
  2. US East (us-east-1)
  3. Ireland (eu-west-1)
  4. Australia (ap-southeast-2)

… more regions coming soon

What does this mean?
With this update comes increased resiliency and performance for our global customers.

  1. Resiliency: If there is ever an outage in a region due to an upstream cloud service provider outage (for example if US West goes down) the DNS will automatically route to the nearest regional deployment (US East).
  2. Performance boost: Customers should now notice performance improvements from our dashboard and API (between 2x-3x faster) which should make your dashboard workflows and API requests more responsive and faster wherever you are in the world.

Recent issues
We recently experienced two service outages due to an upstream issue with one of our cloud service providers. Because of an over-dependence on a single region, our dashboard and API (non-cached requests) were down for up to 30 minutes (though cached API requests were still reachable). This is unacceptable.

Our response
This is our response to this incident. It fixes this vulnerability to ensure that this issue never happens again as well as brings the performance benefits stated above.

Uptime matters. It matters to our customers and it matters to the Cosmic team. By choosing Cosmic we understand that you are entrusting us with your mission-critical content to be ready when and where you need it. We are committed to constantly improving our service to continue building your trust with maximum uptime and service reliability. On this solid foundation, we know great things can be built. We are pleased to share this update with you to further help your team build great products together with reliable uptime and improved global performance.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Join our community on Slack and follow Cosmic on Twitter for the latest updates.

Tony Spiro
Cosmic CEO

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