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New dashboard layout and navigation updates

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July 20, 2023

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We have updated the dashboard layout and navigation to be simpler and easier to use. The updates include a new collapsible sidebar, improved navigation organization, and easier access to helpful workflow tools.

New sidebar

There is a new global sidebar on the left side of the page which contains your high-level Project links. This is where you access your Buckets, team, billing, and usage reports.

Click the double arrow or use the hotkey (Command + \) to collapse the sidebar to provide more focus during content creation.

Bucket main nav

The Bucket navigation links have moved to the top of the screen. Frequently visited pages such as Objects, Media, and API keys are just a click away.

Easy access to Object tools

There is a new fixed navigation bar at top of the edit Object form. Here you can access helpful features such as developer code, revision history, and the ability to invite team members.

We hope you enjoy these updates to the dashboard to help you better navigate in your account. If you have any questions, drop us a message on our contact page.