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New GraphQL API Release

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Tony Spiro

May 16, 2019

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We're excited to announce a big update to our GraphQL API. Check out the all of the new features in the GraphQL API documentation section in the new docs area. The changes include:

Serverless FTW!
Our new GraphQL API is powered by AWS Lambda Functions. So you have the assurance of infinite scalability and reliability for your content queries. This is what some call "Serverless" but we won't get into that debate, but we can all agree that it's awesome 😁 

More Queries
We have included lots of new methods to query your content as well as expanded account-level access queries. Old methods are still available, and have been deprecated. Check out the new queries.

A much-requested feature, mutations allow you to perform writes, edits, and deletes on your Bucket content. We're happy to now include this functionality with the GraphQL API. Check out mutations.

We have a new playground setup to explore all of the features, docs, and schema for the new GraphQL API. Check out the playground.

Special thanks to the developers in our community who helped us make these big improvements. We plan to continue to provide more tools and resources for our GraphQL API users.

Let me know if you have any questions. Join the community on Slack and reach out on Twitter.