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New in the dashboard: favorites, feedback, and more

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August 03, 2023

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We have some recently shipped updates to the dashboard to share with you.


You now have the ability to add favorites to the dashboard. Favorites give you quick access to links, which can go to any page in the dashboard as well as external URLs.


Feedback integration

We have added a new notifications feature directly into the Cosmic dashboard. You will notice a bell button on the top right of the dashboard which you can click to see the latest updates to the dashboard and other general announcements.


You can also now view our public roadmap, add and vote for new features, and send bug reports.

New extensions

We added two new extensions to the dashboard:

WordPress Importer

We understand how daunting it may be to migrate to a headless CMS. If you are migrating to Cosmic from WordPress, a great way to get familiar with our approach to content management is to install the WordPress importer. You can import posts into your Cosmic Bucket from any WordPress website with an available RSS feed, and see how easy it is to go headless.


Algolia Search

You can now seamlessly connect your Cosmic Objects to Algolia's search service. Install the Algolia Search extension. Simple add your keys and sync your Objects.

We hope you enjoy these updates. Log in to start using them today. Reach out to add your feature requests and follow us on Twitter for more updates.