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Single Sign-On Now Available for Larger Teams

by Tony Spiro on January 9, 2018

We're on a mission to help teams of all sizes collaborate to build apps faster and easier.  In some cases, incorporating a new solution into a workflow for larger teams involves challenges for user onboarding and management.

To help alleviate these user management challenges, we're excited to introduce Single Sign On.

How it works:

1. Contact our sales department and let them know you are interested in using Cosmic JS SSO for your organization.
2. We will get you set up with Cosmic JS login using your IdP.
3. All of the employees in your organization that have an account with your IdP will now be able to login using the SSO Login option on the login page.
4. You can manage user access to Cosmic JS via your IdP.

We support OneLogin, Okta and other popular Identity Providers using the SAML 2.0 protocol.  This is another way that we are making Cosmic JS the best solution to build apps faster for small to large organizations.

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