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4 Reasons to Choose a CMS API Over an Installed CMS

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Tony Spiro

March 10, 2016

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Choosing a content management system for a project is a very important decision.  Here are four reasons why you should choose a CMS API over a traditional installed CMS.  Doing so will benefit yourself, your developers and your organization.


When your content comes from an API, you free your developers up to build applications using whatever programming language they want.  This is huge for developers.  Unlike a traditional installed CMS that locks the developer into a certain programming language, by using a CMS API, a developer on your team can build the web application in React, Rails, Node.js, PHP, etc.  When you want to bring a Swift and Java developer onto the team they can easily serve the same content from the CMS API to the iOS and Android applications.  This leads to faster development cycles and increased company productivity.


When you build your applications around a CMS API you gain an amazing speed advantage over traditional installed CMSs.  Let's say you have a new web project and need to install three environments: development, staging and production.  By deciding to use a CMS API, you've now divided the time it takes to setup a CMS by three.  By choosing to go with a CMS API you can now serve the content to all three instances from the same CMS API and not worry about configuration and data migrations between three different instances.

Low Overhead

By not having to maintain a database and file system to handle content, you can keep your server light-weight.  All you need on your server is your application and all you need to worry about is the performance of your application.  This saves money on server overhead as well as development turnaround.

Money Savings

There are obviously higher server costs when you use an traditional installed CMS which demands more RAM and file storage on your server.  But the real cost savings when you choose a CMS API is in the development time saved.  When you outsource your content needs to a dedicated CMS API you allow your team to spend less time on all of the headaches that come with an installed CMS.  Developer time is extremely valuable and when you remove the task of configuring and managing an installed CMS, their time can be better focused on other tasks that provide a higher return. 

CMS APIs are the future of content management.  By switching to a CMS API now, you will increase the freedom, speed and cost efficiency of your projects, increase company productivity and will make it easier for developers and content creators to make better application experiences.

It is the mission of Cosmic to be the most intuitive CMS API available.  Sign up now and see how you and your team can greatly benefit from using a CMS API to power your applications.