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Auto Save, Object Revisions Endpoint, and Metafield Bug Fixes

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Jazib Sawar

January 02, 2020

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We've got some exciting updates that should make editing and integrating your Cosmic-powered content faster, easier, and more enjoyable. This release includes two updates: 1) a new Auto Save feature, and 2) fixes and enhancements to the Metafield editing experience.

1. Auto Save
We have added a new Auto Save feature, which will automatically save your Object content to draft while you are editing. No need to manually save until you are ready to publish. (This is currently only available if you have revision history enabled)

Customers of Gatsby Preview will love this feature as you will see updates to your Gatsby Cloud link instantaneously!

Auto Save with Gatsby Cloud in action:

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2. Object Revisions Endpoint
You now have revisions available via the API. You can find this endpoint on every Object in the Dashboard when you click the "Revisions" button. View the docs for more info.

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3. Metafields (Bug fixes and enhancements)
The Cosmic team is dedicated to offering a first-class content editing experience.  With our Metafields content modeling approach, we offer one of the most powerful content management systems available. And we've made this much-loved feature even better.

We're happy to report that we fixed some Metafield bugs reported by the Cosmic community as well as added a few enhancements.

Fixes include:

  • Help Text
    • Issues related to repeater & parents have been fixed
  • Select Dropdown
    • A bug with dropdown `key` & `value` issues has been fixed
  • Repeater scroll Issue
    • Edit Page no longer jumps up and down when you add and remove repeater items

Enhancements include:

  • Duplicate Metafield
    • Now when you duplicate Metafields, it will append a unique `key` identifier
  • Unique Metafield keys
    • Metafield keys are now required to be unique. This fixes quite a few issues that came up from Metafields clashing or not showing up in the API

Any questions or comments? Reach out to us on Twitter and join the conversation on our Slack channel.