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Dashboard Updates: New Thumbnails, Search and Filter, and more

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Tony Spiro

September 10, 2020

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We're happy to announce some updates that will make your workflows in the Cosmic admin dashboard easier and more enjoyable. This release includes the following updates:

  1. Object thumbnails
  2. New Object Metafield selection logic
  3. Search / filter fixes
  4. Bucket thumbnail now in settings

1. Object Thumbnails
You can now add thumbnails to Objects. This gives you the ability to add visual differentiation in your Objects table. You can also select your Object thumbnail from any Image Metafield.

2. New Object Metafield Selection Logic
Before, single Object Metafields gave you the option to select Objects via a select dropdown. This made it impossible to select from an Object Type list of more than 1,000 (our API limit). Now, you can use the Select Object modal to search as well as use pagination to find your Objects. Plus you can also "Quick Add" an Object Type, which should help you create Object relationships much faster.

3. Search / Filter Fixes
You will now notice that the Search / Filter modal has been simplified and improved. Search for content quickly and easily.

4. Bucket Thumbnail
You can now edit your Bucket thumbnail from the Bucket Settings page.

We hope you enjoy these dashboard updates. Please let us know if you have any questions / comments in our Slack channel, and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates to the Cosmic Headless CMS.