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GraphQL API v2 Released 🎉

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Tony Spiro

February 04, 2020

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We're happy to announce the newest version of our GraphQL API. The new Cosmic GraphQL API v2 includes some great updates and improvements which you can read about below.

What you need to know
1. You can stay on v1, but updates and fixes will no longer be made to v1.
2. v2 includes mostly additions, but one breaking change to the getObjects  and getMedia  queries to enable pagination.

Demo for yourself in the playground. You can use the "Schema" and "Docs" right-side tabs to explore the Model and Queries.

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Included in v2

1. Pagination support
You can now access the total and limit  properties from the API response. This gives you the ability to do pagination with the GraphQL API, which was previously not possible.

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2. New Queries and Mutations
You can use the GraphQL API to get revisions from an Object as well as add new revisions without affecting the current published state of your Object.


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3. Deprecated Queries Removed
The following deprecated queries from v1 have been removed:

4. Response Format Changes
To allow for the total and limit response, one breaking change had to be made. The response format for getObjects now follows the following format with all Objects moved into a second level objects.

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And here's the old way for reference:

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5. Search and Filter Options
One of the most loved new features in the REST API is filtering and searching by metadata. This is now available in the GraphQL API. For example, to get Objects that by a certain author. You can do this:

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Read more about these updates in the GraphQL documentation. We hope you enjoy these new features with the latest version of the GraphQL API. Any questions or comments? Reach out to us on Twitter and join the conversation on our Slack channel.