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Docs updates + GraphQL + NPM + CLI updates

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March 16, 2021

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We have some exciting updates to share with you which includes:

  1. Documentation improvements: Client tabs, better nav, and more
  2. New versions of the GraphQL, NPM, and CLI clients
  3. New GraphQL API Postman collection
  4. Ability to ignore the cache (handy for real-time updates)
  5. Dashboard updates

Read more about the updates below, or jump over to the updated docs to get started. Go to the docs →


1. Documentation
Our new documentation website just got a lot better. We've added new tabs to show you the multiple methods for each resource including REST, Node.js, GraphQL, and the CLI.

2. New client versions
We have new GraphQL API (v3), NPM (v4), and CLI (v2) versions available that parallel the new features in the REST API v2 and follow the same request and response formats. See the docs changelog for the updates.

3. Postman collection for GraphQL API
Along with the REST API, we now have a Postman collection for the GraphQL API.

4. Ignore cache (real-time updates)
You can now ignore the cache for your API requests by setting use_cache=false as a query parameter in your GET requests. Why would you want to ignore our globally-fast CDN? This is helpful if you are doing real-time updates. For example, if you make an update to Object and immediately want to return the updated Object (as the cache takes ~200ms to purge).

5. Dashboard quality of life improvements
We've updated the Bucket settings page to include links to each section. We think this is a more helpful way to organize your Bucket settings.

We hope you enjoy these new updates. Head over to the new documentation site to check out all of these updates. And ping us in Slack if you have any questions.