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New ecommerce features

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April 09, 2024

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We are excited to announce new free ecommerce features to help you reach your audience and sell products faster and easier using Cosmic.

Stripe Products Extension

We recently released the Stripe Products Extension to enable you to seamlessly connect your Cosmic content to products in Stripe. Manage your products from the convenience of your Cosmic dashboard. Sync your Cosmic products with Stripe automatically using Cosmic webhooks.


Ecommerce Block

We have a new Ecommerce Block available which makes building an optimized ecommerce experience a cinch. Set up your ecommerce store in minutes powered by Blocks and the Stripe Products Extension.

Agency Website Template ecommerce updates

Our Agency Website Template has been updated to include powerful ecommerce features such as product management with the Stripe Products Extension, cart checkout, and support for both one-time and subscription products. Preview the live demo and jumpstart your ecommerce business.

We hope you enjoy these updates to level-up your online business. Connect with us on X and Discord. Reach out to sales if you have any custom needs.