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Premium Apps

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Tony Spiro

October 23, 2017

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We're excited to announce that we are now expanding our Developer Program to include Premium Apps and Extensions.  To kick things off, our first Premium App is now available:  Bootstrap Landing Page.

We know first-hand the problem of building websites and apps on a time crunch.  And it's always nice to find something pre-built that you can simply pull "off-the-shelf" and customize to fit your needs.  The cost savings on development hours makes it a great option and we're excited to add this option to help teams get projects finished faster.

If you are interested in contributing Apps to sell in our Marketplace we would love to work with you.  This is an opportunity to get paid recurring revenue every time your App is purchased.

To get started offering your Premium Apps and Extensions, login to your account, go to Account Settings > Developer Program and request access.

To learn more about the opportunity please email us at

We're excited to see what you build!