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Edit Object Metafields

You can now edit specific Metafields on existing Objects via the API. The following API method allows you to edit specific Metafields identified by key, without affecting other Metafields as well as add new Metafields. View in the docs.

The endpoint is:


Body properties:

slug (String)
metafields (Array)

The Cosmic JS NPM module is also updated (3.2.19) to allow for this capability with the new method:


Further directions are available in the Metafields section in the REST API documentation.

Let me know if you have any questions. Join us on Slack and on Twitter.

Updates: New Webhook Event, Delete all Objects in Type, Export Options

New Webhook Event
We have added a new webhook event:


If you relied on "object.edited.draft" for this event, you will need to edit your webhook to this event. Find your webhooks in Bucket Settings > Webhooks. Be sure to check this out in the Webhooks documentation.

Delete all Objects in your Object Type
This experience has been improved: now when you delete an Object Type it will remove all Objects in this type.

Export Options
You can now export specific Object Types and omit others in your Bucket Export area located in Bucket Settings > Import / Export.

Cosmic JS API now powered by Fastly

We're excited to announce that all Cosmic JS API endpoints (REST and GraphQL) are now powered by the Fastly global CDN. You should now notice huge performance gains on your Bucket API endpoints. For example, if a large endpoint used to take 400ms it is now clocking in under 20ms!

What is Fastly?
Fastly is the leading global CDN cache layer provider that powers some of the most highly-trafficked websites on the internet. The New York Times, Airbnb, and more choose Fastly because of their global CDN of over 60 high-powered point of presence servers (POPs). These POPs are distributed closest to your users so they can get your content as fast as possible. This also shields your cached content from any issues caused by the origin infrastructure.

From the Fastly Network Map page, "we’ve focused our efforts on placing fewer, more powerful POPs at strategic locations around the world."

What does this mean for you?
We're happy to roll this out to all Cosmic JS users. Your Cosmic JS content is now automatically powered by the Fastly global CDN and available to your users world-wide. No extra work needs to be done on your part. Just sit back and notice huge performance gains for you and your users 😎 

And more great news: requests to the cache-served content from the Cosmic JS API will not count towards your API request limits on your billing plan. API requests are counted only on initial requests to any resource after you clear your cache either manually in Bucket > Settings or by adding, editing, or deleting content in your Bucket.

It's our mission to make sure your team has the best experience collaborating on content using Cosmic JS. With the Cosmic JS Fastly update, you can deliver great content and experiences to your world-wide customers even faster.

If you have any questions, reach out to us on Twitter and join the Slack community.

Duplicate Object Types, Editor Publishing Restrictions

We have a couple new feature releases for your review:

Duplicate Object Types
You can now Duplicate Object Types. Go to any Object Type > Settings page and scroll to the bottom and find the "Duplicate Objects Type" button. This is a great time saver for when you need to duplicate Object Type Metafield content models and settings (it does not duplicate Objects).

Editor Restricted Publishing
You can now assign a team member access to all content in your Bucket but only allow them to save content to draft. This is a nice in-between role between Editor and Contributor.

Headless CMS Features and Solution Pages

We're excited to launch new resources to demonstrate how teams all over the world are using the Cosmic JS headless CMS to manage content for their websites and apps. You'll now notice:

  1. The Navigation Bar has grown to include a new Solutions Tab, which outlines use-cases like E-Commerce Websites, Blogs, Native Apps and more. Each Solution page provides helpful open-source example apps, extensions and customer stories that demonstrate that particular use-case.
  2. All Cosmic JS Headless CMS Features now have a Feature Detail Page for easier adoption and reference among teams. See example: Revision History.

Sign up / Log in with Google

We're excited to announce a new way to sign up and log in with Cosmic JS: using your Google account. It just takes 2 clicks 😎 

Authenticating with your Google account comes in addition to the existing options of using GitHub, Single Sign-On or manual account creation. We hope this makes your team's onboarding experience frictionless and easy.

Log in or sign up to check it out.

If you have any questions, or any other feature requests (the squeaky wheel gets the grease!) reach out to us on Slack and join us on Twitter.   

Dashboard Updates

Here's a quick update on some nice improvements to the Cosmic JS Dashboard, accompanied by gifs for your viewing pleasure 😁 

1. Easier Integration Tools
We are committed to a world-class developer experience. It's our goal to make it as easy as possible to integrate Cosmic JS content into any application. And now the experience is even better because with this new Integration Tools modal update, you have instant access to the API response for any dashboard resource in your Bucket. You also have easy access to all the other available integration methods: GraphQL API, NPM Module, and more. 

Just click the "Integration Tools" button to see the magic in action.

The high standard for an easy integration experience is Stripe. And we are aiming to make it even easier than Stripe to integrate your Cosmic JS code into your app. That's right, I said it, and you can hold me to it 😜 

2. Remove File Metafields
You can now remove files from File Metafields. This is a feature that falls in the category of "why wasn't this shipped earlier?", but here it is, better late than never.

We hope you like these improvements to get you up and running with cloud-powered content faster and easier. If you have any questions, or any other feature requests (the squeaky wheel gets the grease!) reach out to us on Slack and join us on Twitter

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

CloudFront CDN Now Included

Faster is better. And Cosmic JS media assets just got a whole lot faster. We are excited to announce that AWS CloudFront CDN asset delivery is now included free and automatically for all media assets delivered from the Cosmic JS API. This means that all of your global users will now receive your media assets faster on the global Cosmic JS CloudFront CDN.

Go into your Bucket and notice media urls will now originate from the Cosmic JS CloudFront CDN with the following base URL:

What is CloudFront?
From the AWS website:
"Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network (CDN) service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds, all within a developer-friendly environment."

We hope you enjoy this added value for you, your team, and your end users. Join the conversation on Slack and follow us on Twitter.

New GraphQL API Release

We're excited to announce a big update to our GraphQL API. Check out the all of the new features in the GraphQL API documentation section in the new docs area. The changes include:

Serverless FTW!
Our new GraphQL API is powered by AWS Lambda Functions. So you have the assurance of infinite scalability and reliability for your content queries. This is what some call "Serverless" but we won't get into that debate, but we can all agree that it's awesome 😁 

More Queries
We have included lots of new methods to query your content as well as expanded account-level access queries. Old methods are still available, and have been deprecated. Check out the new queries.

A much-requested feature, mutations allow you to perform writes, edits, and deletes on your Bucket content. We're happy to now include this functionality with the GraphQL API. Check out mutations.

We have a new playground setup to explore all of the features, docs, and schema for the new GraphQL API. Check out the playground.

Special thanks to the developers in our community who helped us make these big improvements. We plan to continue to provide more tools and resources for our GraphQL API users.

Let me know if you have any questions. Join the community on Slack and reach out on Twitter.

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