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Native Apps

When you create content in the Cosmic JS Headless CMS, you're able to deliver it to all your websites and native apps. Create once and deliver everywhere. Content creators are given a web-based Dashboard to create content that iOS and Android apps can consume just like their website. This ensures messaging-consistency and the ability to reach all of your users, regardless of their device.

Cosmic JS allows you to manage content from a single Dashboard that powers all of your content-powered applications.  

"It is refreshing to use an API-first CMS, rather than trying to integrate with a complex, monolithic system and adapt it to our specific use case.”

— Jesse Macnish, Chief Technology Officer at Plato Chat

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There are many use cases that can benefit from using the Cosmic JS Headless CMS. Here are some of the most popular projects that teams are building with Cosmic JS.

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