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Community Articles

Articles to help you build, manage, and scale modern apps from the Cosmic Community.
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In this tutorial, learn how to build a restaurant website using Next.js 12.1 and Cosmic Headless CMS.
Learn how you can make a custom non-profit application for your cause with this tutorial and template.
A Blog application built using Astro that utilizes the power of Cosmic CMS.
Cosmic Nuxt App. Utilizes Apollo,Tailwind CSS, Vercel, and Advanced imgix usage. Accompanied by a tutorial video by imgix and Cosmic's CEO.
Cosmic is a fantastic headless CMS for powering your website, but if you write regular articles or often update site text, you might find it challenging to always come into the backend and make those changes (especially when you're on the go).
This time, we will add filtering functionality to showcase the Cosmic Advanced Queries feature. Our data will be stored and served by Cosmic and we will use Angular for our Front-End.
This article walks through an approach to build a web application using Angular and Cosmic to help generate marketing leads for your team.
With so many choices for which technology to use when building a website, it can get overwhelming.

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