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Infrastructure Upgrade, New Metafields, and more

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Tony Spiro

October 29, 2019

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This changelog announcement is a big one for us and includes:

  1. Upgraded infrastructure
  2. New Metafields and
  3. Optimizations to our open source clients.

1. Infrastructure Upgrade

We're happy to tell you that all Cosmic components are now powered 100% by serverless technologies. By running completely even-driven using AWS Lambda functions, the REST API, GraphQL API, Dashboard application, and the website are now infinitely scalable through high traffic loads.

This is huge, because it means you can depend on us to deliver your content through the highest traffic loads with dynamic server capacity on demand. This is also big for the Cosmic team, because we are now able to make product improvements at a higher velocity with a more streamlined deployment process.

We have also added a caching service to our website to serve our website resources at the edge. Your team can now get to any resource on faster and easier with at least 10x faster page loading from any spot on the globe.

2. New Metafields

We have added Boolean Switch and Number Metafields to our list of available Metafield types. We recommend that if you are using Text Metafields for either of these value types, that you switch to these new Metafields.

New Switch Metafield in action:

3. Open Source Optimizations

We've added additional optimizations to our popular Cosmic NPM module and Gatsby source plugin. By adding the Accept-Encoding: gzip header to encode responses, API load times and payload sizes have been cut in half. Install the latest versions of these libraries to get this improvement (3.2.35 and 1.0.4 respectively).

We're on a mission to build the best CMS on the planet, and your feedback helps! If you have any questions or feature requests, reach out to us on Twitter, and join our Slack channel. Happy building!