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One Million Requests - One Million Thanks

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Tony Spiro

October 27, 2016

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Cosmic is on a mission to help teams build content-powered websites and apps faster and easier.  Today, we’re happy to announce an exciting milestone: users have passed one million total requests to the Cosmic API. This means that more than one million times someone has used Cosmic to view a website page, create a static website build, send a chat message, vote for their preferred presidential candidate or view a blog post using an iOS or Android device. This increase in requests comes shortly after announcing our 500,000th API request last month.

While this milestone is an indication of continued traction, it's just the start.  Cosmic is dedicated to enabling faster and easier product development for teams all over the world.  So far users in 67 countries are using Cosmic to develop a variety of content-powered applications.

We're seeing widespread adoption in industries including politics, telecom, retail goods, career placement, digital services and more. This reaffirms the painpoints that we aimed to solve with Cosmic.  And shows the need for an intuitive content and application development solution are truly universal.

Special thanks to you, the earlyvangelists, the supporters and the partners who have joined us on this exciting journey.  Here's to the next 99 million requests!

Tony Spiro
Co-founder, CEO