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Premium Apps

by Tony Spiro on October 23, 2017

We're excited to announce that we are now expanding our Developer Program to include Premium Apps and Extensions.  To kick things off, our first Premium App is now available:  Bootstrap Landing Page.

We know first-hand the problem of building websites and apps on a time crunch.  And it's always nice to find something pre-built that you can simply pull "off-the-shelf" and customize to fit your needs.  The cost savings on development hours makes it a great option and we're excited to add this option to help teams get projects finished faster.

If you are interested in contributing Apps to sell in our Marketplace we would love to work with you.  This is an opportunity to get paid recurring revenue every time your App is purchased.

To get started offering your Premium Apps and Extensions, login to your account, go to Account Settings > Developer Program and request access.

To learn more about the opportunity please email us at

We're excited to see what you build!

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Extensions are a powerful component of the Cosmic JS that allow you to create custom views in your Bucket Dashboard. We've recently made some updates to make using this feature even better.

We've rolled out a few updates that were requested by members of our community.

It's now even easier to add metafields to your objects.  Available metafields include: plain text, plain textarea, html textarea, select dropdown, object select (for object connections), image / file and date.

Sign in and check out the available metafield options that make it so easy to add dynamic content to your websites and apps.

A very interesting article was published to one of my favorite web dev blogs today. Where Content Management Systems Fit Into the Process goes into a discussion which I think is seldom in the limelight in the development community, what is the best process in connecting your site to a CMS?  The author Geoff Graham presents three options in building a dynamic, CMS-powered website:

Option 1: The CMS Comes First Method

Option 2: The All-At-Once Method

Option 3: The CMS Comes Last Method

Previously, when building sites using other CMS platforms I would prefer to use the "CMS Comes Last Method" because I would be able to work out a lot of bugs, change my mind and add new features in the static HTML/CSS build phase before pouring in the more time-consuming programming / CMS phase.  

But with Cosmic JS I can use any one of these methods and feel confident that I can easily make edits, change my mind and add new features to a CMS-powered website.  There's power and reassurance in flexibility and Cosmic JS offers the most flexible way to add content to your website.

Sign up to get a private beta invite to begin checking out how easy it is to add dynamic content to your website or app.

We're excited to push a big redesign to the Cosmic JS Dashboard which you should immediately notice after logging in.

Cosmic JS has an understandable hierarchy for content management and can be used as a stand-alone content organizer while a website is being built. Buckets, Object Types, Metafields and Files can act as a sitemap or content portal for a team wanting to organize information more effectively during the development process.  And when the site is ready for development and launch, the API is ready to begin delivering the pre-populated content saving time and money.