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Video Tutorial: Localization

by Tony Spiro on July 6, 2016

In this video I walk you through adding localization to your Cosmic JS object types.  This allows you to add versions of your content in different languages and locales.

There is also a Localization Example App available on the  Cosmic JS Apps page.

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With Activity Reports, you can keep track of all activity within your Bucket, as well as filter by team members to see individual activity. Filter by date range, click through to revisions, and even download a CSV to save for later auditing.

Object Pagination is now live in your Cosmic JS Bucket.

Cosmic JS is an API-first cloud-based content management platform that makes it easy for teams of developers and content editors to collaborate for projects and clients.

Did you know that we have some great resources available over on our GitHub page?  Use these packages, examples and clients to help you build your next big project or contribute to an existing one.


1. Cosmic JS Node Package

- This is a great package for your Node.js app.  
Easily add this to your JS setup with npm install cosmicjs

2. Cosmic JS Browser Package

- This is a great package for your your browser-based apps.  
Easily add this to your JS setup with npm install cosmicjs-browser

3. Cosmic JS PHP Client

- This is the official PHP client that makes adding a CMS to your PHP app a breeze.

Example Websites

1. Astral (PHP)

- This is a really cool PHP single page application built using the PHP client on an frontend.

- This is a single page React app that uses React Router and the Flux pattern.  The pages load fast!

I hope you find that these links and resources help you learn more about building with the Cosmic JS content API.  If you have any questions about the API, you can learn more in the Cosmic JS API Documentation.

In our latest installment of the Cosmic JS Developer Spotlight Series, we sat down with Matt Cain, a physics major turned Creative Director and Developer. 

We're excited to ship an enhancement to Media Management within Cosmic JS. Now when you Add Media from your Media Folder to the Content Editor or an Image Metafield, you'll be able to search by media name, metadata, as well as filter among media folders.