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Developer Spotlight: Coding Dojo

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Carson Gibbons

January 05, 2017

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We’ve recently been publishing articles in our Cosmic Developer Spotlight Series, the series that documents how developers are using the Cosmic CMS API all around the world. Cosmic has one main goal through the use of its JSON API: to make the developer Hero. In that effort, Cosmic is announcing its partnership with the Dallas branch of the developer bootcamp Coding Dojo, a 14-week program that educates a class of Dallas-based developers in three development stacks.

Coding Dojo provides curriculum, software, hardware, instructors, class sessions, conference rooms, thought-leadership and networking events as part of its added-value to its students and community. They also partner with organizations that would hire its students upon graduation. Coding Dojo boasts a 94% placement of its trained developers within 6 months of graduation, and feeds talent into programs like Amazon, Chase, Disney, Microsoft, Google and Expedia through its alumni partnerships.

Coding Dojo and Cosmic are partnering initially to present Cosmic co-founder & CEO Tony Spiro as a thought leader host at an upcoming Javascript in the Wild Meetup. Coding Dojo participants will get to network with Cosmic as well as other local thought leaders, and will then be invited to use a promo code to unlock Cosmic Credits as they start developing test buckets. Students will be encouraged to utilize the Cosmic CMS API to satisfy coursework, as well as for personal use and exploration as individual and group projects take shape throughout the 14-week program. A month after the initial networking session, the Cosmic team will return to Coding Dojo to follow up on all students that have taken advantage of the promo code to further explore the Cosmic JS CMS API, provide an in-depth demo and facilitate a Q/A session. The event, promo code and subsequent demo is delivered to Coding Dojo students in the MEAN Stack section of their course.

We will continue to document this partnership in our Developer Spotlight Series, and are looking forward to providing real-world use-case scenarios faced by junior developers today.