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Preview Link Now Available

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Tony Spiro

October 02, 2017

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You can now add a link for your writers to be able to preview Object content.  By setting up your Preview links on your Object Types, your writers will easily be able to preview changes to content in draft or published state.  To add preview buttons to your Objects, simply:

1. Go to Your Bucket > Object Type Settings > Preview Link.
2. Add your Preview Link (dynamically add the object slug with the [object_slug] shortcode).  If you would like to view Draft status Objects, you will need to make sure your web app queries the endpoint with ?status=all.  View the API documentation for more information on how to access your Objects in draft status.

3. Click the Preview button located at the top right in the Edit Object page.

Then preview the content:

Here it is in Gif format:

It is our hope that this feature will further help developers and editors collaborate to create great apps and write compelling content.  If you have any questions about this feature or other ways to build apps faster and easier using Cosmic reach out to us on Twitter and join our Slack community.