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Projects, Merge Requests, and other Updates

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Tony Spiro

January 15, 2021

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We've made a few big changes to the dashboard and API recently:

Projects are a new way to connect Buckets for use with Merge Requests. To do merges between Buckets they must be in the same Project. If you have Buckets that were created prior to the Merge Request release, you can clone any Bucket to create a new Project.

Clone Bucket from Settings
You can now clone any Bucket from the settings area by going to Settings > Basic Settings in the left sidebar, scroll down, and click "Clone Bucket". The Bucket will be cloned into the same Project (if it's not connected to a Project, a new one will be created).

Merge Requests

Merge Requests was the big release that we announced on Tuesday this week. Merge Requests enables you to do Git-like workflows for content. Perform bulk edits between Buckets, preview, include your team for approval workflows, and more. 

With this feature becoming a first-class feature in the Cosmic workflow, we've removed a previously released feature to copy Objects to another Bucket from the Objects table.

Merge Request Preview Link
You now have the ability to add a Merge Request preview link to your Bucket by going to Settings > Basic Settings and scrolling down to Merge Request Preview Link (only available on Buckets in a Project). This will be the default link added to all merge requests that make this Bucket the target Bucket.

There is a new webhook event available for merge.completed. This will only be triggered by the target Bucket. To set this up, in your Bucket go to Settings > Webhooks. See the docs for more info.

Singleton Object Type
Object Types can now be a singleton. A singleton Object Type is any type of content that only has one Object. For example Home Page, Site Settings, etc. As opposed to Blog Posts, Pages, etc. which are multiple Object Types.

API Updates
You can now get Merge Request Objects from the API to perform diffs against Objects in your target Bucket. See the docs for more info.

We hope you find these updates useful in your content workflows. It's our mission to make your use of Cosmic enjoyable and enables your team to do your best work. If you have any questions or comments, reach out to us on Twitter, and join us in Slack.