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Sort by metadata and Blocks updates

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February 06, 2024

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We have shipped some updates to the dashboard and available resources to share with you.

Sort by metadata in the dashboard

You can now sort by metadata in the dashboard and API. This has been one of our most requested features and we're happy to have it ready for you to use today. Log in to the dashboard, go to any Object table in your project, and start sorting by metadata.

Sort by metadata in the API

Go to the Cosmic docs Objects section for instructions on how to use metadata sorting in the API and client SDKs.


After you set the sortable metafield in the dashboard, you can use the (ascending) or (descending) sort value to return Objects in the order based on the metadata value.

Blocks Updates

We recently introduced Blocks, our prebuilt components for building Cosmic powered websites and apps. We have some new Blocks and resources to help you get started building with Blocks.

🎥 Blocks intro video

We've added a new video to our YouTube channel that walks you through how to get started building with Blocks and the benefits it offers. Watch the intro to Blocks video.

↔️ Pagination Block

We have a new pagination Block that enables you to add pagination to your website. Pagination, which can be a time intensive engineering task, can now be added with the pagination Block in a matter of minutes. Check out the pagination Block.

We now have an image carousel Block which makes it easy to add interactive image galleries to your website. Check out the image carousel Block.

Join the community discussion on the Cosmic Discord server or reach out to Cosmic support if you have any questions.