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Team Member Role Management in Cosmic

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Carson Gibbons

October 14, 2016

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Building websites and applications with the Cosmic API is simple and intuitive for teams through role permissions. Cosmic makes it easy to add users and clarify their roles in the system. Teams can assign three role types within the Cosmic CMS Dashboard: Admin, Developer, Editor. In this blog we will cover the following User Role items:

  1. How to Add a User to Your App 
  2. How to Edit a User Role
  3. Invite Users to Your Team's Bucket
  4. Getting Access to Your Team's Bucket 
  5. Admin User Dashboard
  6. Developer User Dashboard
  7. Editor User Dashboard
  8. Dashboard Analytics - Team
  9. Adding | Editing Objects

Add a User  

Edit a User's Role 

Invite Users to Your Team's Bucket 

Getting Access to Your Team's Bucket 

Cosmic delivers the tools needed for each user role and nothing more. I manage my own app on Cosmic and went through the process of inviting myself in 3 different role types to my own bucket of content. I've provided screencaptures of the Cosmic Dashboard in each User Role's View. 

Admin User View

The admin has access to settings, users and developer features. 

Developer User View 

The developer has access to developer features and editor features. 

Editor User View

The editor can add, edit and delete content with developer features hidden.

Team Dashboard Analytics

Track all of your team's apps with a simple Dashboard that provides information like "Last Modified", users, app owners as well as quick links over to each app's Dashboard.

Adding | Editing Object 

When drafting a new object or object type, users are provided handy information on last modified, timestamp and draft or published status. 

Teams are free to build slick apps and websites while creating content for them simultaneously. Developers can program code that is decoupled from the content that other team members put together, allowing the team to work content-first. 

If you have any questions about managing content in Cosmic with your team, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or in our Slack Community.

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