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Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS that integrates with Python. Use Cosmic JS to quickly build content-powered blogs, dynamic pages, and more. Install the Official Cosmic JS Python Client to start managing dynamic content. Cosmic JS offers an easy way to power content for your Python apps.  As your Python CMS, Cosmic  JS allows you to develop your application faster and easier.

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git clone
cd cosmicjs-python
python install

Then in your Python file:

from pythoncosmicjs import Api
# Configure
api = Api(bucket='bucket-slug', read_key='read_key', write_key='write_key')
# Get all objects
print(api.objects(limit=10, skip=5)) # limit, skip the default is None
# Get objects by type
print(api.object_type(type_slug='pages', limit=10, skip=5)) # limit, skip the default is None
# Get object
print(api.object(object_slug='object-slug')) # object_slug mandatory variable

More examples available on the Getting Started page.

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