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If you've ever had an outpatient procedure or surgery, you may be familiar with how confusing both prep and follow-up care instructions can be. DaytoDay Health is on a mission to ensure tailored patient prep instructions, videos, and follow-up follow through. With tailored, comprehensive patient guidance, they believe vital procedures such as cardiac bypass grafts can have the good outcomes far more often.

Stepping up to guide these patients through an extremely stressful period of life was Blake, a nurse-turned-content-creator. He'd been tasked with generating huge volumes of instructions, videos, and infographics to make up their pre-and-post care instructions library.

This would be a monumental task. Blake needed his content to be uploaded, tagged by procedure, organized by diet and medication restrictions, filed, and distributed on a per-patient basis; all of this had to be done efficiently. Whew. Their current process - using Google Sheets and a patient portal - was buckling under the workload. Handling administrative duties alone had become an impossible task. After some searching, and evaluating our competition, the DaytoDay team turned to Cosmic's headless CMS to solve this problem.

Suddenly, life got a whole lot easier. With Cosmic's unique Bucket system, Day-to-Day had found the infrastructure solution to organize their content in a way that was technically-sound and human-usable. Their team's resources were almost immediately freed up to start scaling and adding additional procedures to their library. As Blake looks to 2021, he plans to expand DaytoDay's procedures library by nearly double the volume, and possibly bring on additional content team members to help them manage additional content responsibilities they've acquired. But hey, growth is a good problem to have, right?

Blake Moloney, Content Creator

I knew we'd have to shift to a content management system. Contentful was the first thing we looked at, and it wasn't robust enough. [With Cosmic,] all of a sudden, life just got a whole lot easier. We made our patient education glossary into 1 Bucket and set it up to be completely variable for the patient. We could make quality changes, like, we'd written a glossary, and Cosmic let us start hyperlinking terms and definitions to simplify how our content is presented. Cosmic has been really reactive to our needs to help us get this all done.

— Blake Moloney, Content Creator

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